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This is the heart of News Music Now – samplers for our partnering publishers are located to the left and theme references are below.

We've picked a variety of themes from each package, either primary themes or ones that the highest percentage of stations tend to use. This is not necessarily a complete view of all themes included in a given package. Updated themes are nested under the original package. Contact us if you have any questions.

In addition to syndicated packages, we also list information on exclusive and legacy packages. Icons denote packages that are exclusive to network O&Os and affiliates, or have network-specific logos available for them. We also have an icon for legacy packages that are no longer available. A legend is available at the bottom of the page.

If you need information on anything listed or unlisted, please contact jeremy@newsmusicnow.com(Jeremy Alden). If you find the right package for your station through our library, we're happy we could help – if you need further assistance, we're here for you!

Conglomerate Publishers

Stephen Arnold Music:
360 Music | Stephen Arnold Music

Warner/Chappell Production Music:
615 Music | Gari Music | Non-Stop Music

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615 Music (WCPM)


Gari Music (WCPM)

JDK Music

John Williams

Killer Tracks

Metro Music

Michael Karp Music

Non-Stop Music (WCPM)

Stephen Arnold Music



Verified by cue sheets
Not available for syndication; package is custom or expired

Contains ABC logo ABC version available
Contains CBS logo CBS version available
Contains Fox logo Fox version available
Contains NBC chimes NBC version available

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