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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What services can News Music Now provide to my station?

We understand the sheer number of options available for branding your station can be overwhelming at times. You want a look and sound that matches the tone of your market and newscast -- but don't have the time to spend hours browsing through news music samplers or the thousands of cuts in your news music library. We get it!

News Music Now offers a complete start-to-finish news music selection service for commercial TV stations. Our advantage is that we aren't affiliated with just one news music publisher... we have extensive knowledge of all of the news packages on the market and connections with all of the publishers. Engaging our team ensures that you get the "big picture" of what is available to you, without the hassle. Here are some of the services we can provide:

  • Recommendation of syndicated packages from various publishers, based on your needs
  • Cut selection for the package you've chosen or already use -- we can create a playlist that is ready for air
  • Synchronization of news music to your graphics -- including sound effects and voiceover -- to show you exactly how the music will integrate into your newscast
  • Custom editing of cuts including lengthened bumpers, abridged/extended opens, and mixing together separate themes. All edits are seamless and provided in lossless digital format, broadcast-ready


Why use News Music Now instead of going directly to publishers?

News Music Now has over 15 years of experience working hands-on with news music packages. We have long-standing partnerships with all of the large publishers and many of the smaller ones as well. We are notified of newly released packages, of updates to existing packages, and we follow all of the latest trends in news music. This reduces the amount of time and effort your creative staff have to spend in making the important -- but often overlooked -- decision of news music that fits the bill.

We will take into consideration all the pointers you give us. Is your station in a coastal market, a large metropolitan area, or in the South? Are you looking for a traditional news sound, something upbeat and modern, or perhaps want a package that sounds more like alternative rock than news music? Does your station belong to a group with a universal package or set of options? We have all the answers you need!

If you are interested in recruiting us to help brand your station in a new way, you might be surprised at the ways we can help!

I'm a news music publisher. How can I partner with News Music Now?

All news music publishers are welcomed and encouraged to become partners of News Music Now. Size does not matter. We're a not-for-profit platform dedicated to serving local TV stations and their creative departments. We do not ask for commission on any leads we send your way -- all leads will be handled by you or your salespeople.

Please contact our Creative Director for details on how your company can become part of the News Music Now family.

How can I contribute my legacy news music to the site?

Thanks for asking! We always appreciate the contribution of legacy news packages and cue sheets from our visitors. News Music Now is just as passionate about preserving the classics as we are showcasing and marketing packages that are currently on-air.

Contributed packages go into the Quick Reference Library and are marked as "not available for use". The easiest way to send us your donations is the Donate News Music/Cue Sheets buttons on the right sidebar. Information in the popup tells you how to prepare your materials for uploading. If you prefer, we have an FTP site you can use instead.

If you have any questions or want to reach out to us regarding our services, please contact us.

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