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Company Profile

Based in Dallas with offices in New York and San Diego and additional studios in Santa Fe, Stephen Arnold Music is an internationally acclaimed music production company servicing television networks, cable channels, TV stations, film houses and advertising agencies worldwide.

Stephen Arnold Music is widely regarded as the leading producer of original music for the broadcasting industry with music compositions heard daily in over 100+million American homes. Prolific and versatile, hundreds of our compositions are on the air somewhere right now.

News Music Sampler

  1. 360
    On-air broadcasts, mobilecasts, podcasts, webcasts and more, 360 is designed specifically for emerging media platforms. Built around a strong sonic brand, this package favors more earthy guitars and acoustic textures over traditional strings and brass. The elegance and discipline of simplicity combined with the sophistication of contemporary arrangements make this a standout. A unique collection of music.
  2. Aerial
    A bold sonic statement featuring soaring strings, high energy and a powerful four note logo.
  3. Breakthrough
    This brand new package is a bold sonic statement, featuring driving guitars, bass and live drums. Connect your brand to what your viewers are listening to.
  4. Connection
    Featuring full orchestration with an edge, and built around driving percussion and guitars, this branded package is flexible enough to cover all of your story lines and will truly resonate with your viewers. This is a robust new collection of themes and cuts all focused around a memorable five-note signature. Make the CONNECTION.
  5. Convergence
    Unique, high energy package featuring hard-driving rhythms and cutting-edge music textures.
  6. Counterpoint
    The 40 markets across America airing Counterpoint are testimony to the strength and variety of this extensive news package.
  7. Evolution
    A truly fresh approach to news music, created around world percussion and the latest cutting-edge sounds and textures.
  8. Extreme
    This high-octane music package creates the perfect soundscape for today's news. Extreme's energy, drive and immediacy are sure to make your newscast stand out from the crowd.
  9. Frequency
    Drive home your sonic brand with FREQUENCY, an entirely new package featuring high-energy intros and a repeating hook that reinforces your identity. Whether it's a webcast or broadcast, Frequency delivers the cutting edge that helps your newscast get noticed. Time and time again.
  10. Horizon
    A unique musical approach designed to flow with the emotional content of various newscast elements. Horizon is a truly fresh approach to news music.
  11. Identity
    Bold and energetic, IDENTITY features an eclectic blend of live drums, guitars, and strings. This package's distinctive four note logo makes an instant impression and is designed to function in a variety of media platforms.
  12. Indie Band News
    This collection of indie roots features live guitars, bass and live drums, all branded with an unforgettable three note hook. Take a listen to what your viewers are listening to.
  13. Inergy
    A driving, energetic music package that defines the fast moving nature of breaking news and information.
  14. iNews
    Delivers the styles and sounds of the latest music, connecting your brand to what your viewers are listening to: on-air, online, on demand.
  15. Lighthouse
    This passionate, inspiring package features full orchestration and live instruments throughout, blended with contemporary grooves and textures.
  16. Locals Only
    A constantly evolving, user-sourced news music branding package and community.
  17. Metropolis
    This expansive package is filled with live grooves and rhythms, featuring a memorable three note logo.
  18. NBC O&O Package
    Recently created for the NBC O&O stations, this custom package was produced with the mission of creating a fresh, energetic, and modern sound for the NBC news brand at the local level.
  19. News Matrix
    Driving, agressive, and filled with thundering percussion, this package is perfect for a fast-paced action newscast.
  20. Overture
    Recorded with a full orchestra, Overture features a rich, panoramic sound.
  21. Pinnacle
    A wide-ranging blend of orchestral arrangements and contemporary electronic elements.
  22. The Rock
    Produced for NBC affiliates, this powerful package takes the classic NBC logo to exciting new places.
  23. Signature
    Distinctive music logo, provides both full orchestral arranagements and contemporary electronic elements.
  24. Third Coast
    Pure class, featuring lush orchestration and a strong, memorable logo.
  25. This Is The Place
    Hyper-local news & branding music package with audio/video image campaign.
  26. U-Phonix
    A driving fusion of edgy guitars, propulsive drums and live rhythms.
  27. Viral
    Fast and fearless, VIRAL puts on an energetic drive that takes your music from broadcast to mobilecast and everywhere in between. Blended with a creative set of electronic textures, piercing guitars and grounded by a deep rhythm, VIRAL delivers a high-octane sonic signature.

Contains ABC logo ABC version available
Contains CBS logo CBS version available
Contains Fox logo Fox version available
Contains NBC chimes NBC version available

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