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Known in the 90s and 2000s as the go-to source for strong, melodic news themes, Newsmusic Central has returned, to build on its enduring legacy with bold, unique themes that will set you apart from the competition.

Take a listen and hear the difference for yourself.

News Music Sampler

  1. Extreme - Bold, aggressive, contemporary themes with driving rhythms accented with a touch of grit and determination.
  2. Impact News - Bold pop/rock orchestrations deliver a hard-hitting, gritty presentation of contemporary news.
  3. Legacy - Featuring a fluid balance of acoustic and orchestral instrumentation, Legacy is a forward-driven music package packed full of adventure and confidence. Perfect for today's info-centric content.
  4. Prime News - A contemporary take on a traditional news sound, featuring pop-inspired grooves and rhythms.
  5. Rise - Soaring, positive, triumphant orchestrations featuring a strong and memorable six-note signature. Formerly marketed as Image X.
  6. Spirit News - Updated for 2022, featuring contemporary instrumentations of today to create a timeless sound that will stick in the minds of your viewers for years to come.

Contains ABC logo ABC version available
Contains CBS logo CBS version available
Contains Fox logo Fox version available
Contains NBC chimes NBC version available

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