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From epic and sweeping to modern and acoustic, the News Music Connection plugs you into a sampling of five trend-bending news themes that have been crafted to resonate with your audience. Trust, Pride, Unity, Heart of the City and Hometown are fresh. Custom cuts may be added to each package on a market-by-market basis so you are able to connect more directly with your demo be it Urban, Latin or the Heartland.

News Music Sampler

  1. Heart of the City - Heritage Meets Modern: Heart of the City is epic and sweeping with a contemporary flourish for a market with “Big Shoulders.” Horn section courtesy of the Hornheads; Doc Severinson’s touring section. Strings from the MN Orchestra and the St Paul Chamber orchestra.
  2. Hometown - Urban and Current: SNAP! Hometown delivers all of this and more with a contemporary bed inspired by Coldplay. Industry trendsetter and Creative Services Director, Wendy McMahon steered this ship. It resonates with the viewers coast-to-coast.
  3. Pride - Contemporary and anthemic: Coldplay and U2 inspired Pride. Once the creative direction was set the process of building the package began with a fully produced song featuring Matt Kirkwold on guitar.
  4. Strive (Hearst Theme Package) - Distilling the sound of the company down to a single, four-note mnemonic — the Hearst ‘sonic signature’ — we built a vast, far-reaching, deeply nuanced news music package capable of communicating the Hearst legacy with clarity, efficacy, and memorability.
  5. Trust - New, Fresh and Flexible: Trust is built to get from 0 to 60mph fast! From Light to Dark, you can crank up the intensity for breaking news or sit back on cruise control for a lighter morning news sound.
  6. Unity - Anthemic, almost Olympic: Unity is fresh, thematic, big and real, recorded with an orchestra and edited to a memorable tag. Then we added a modern hit song vibe as a rhythmic bed “...OK BREAK!”

Contains ABC logo ABC version available
Contains CBS logo CBS version available
Contains Fox logo Fox version available
Contains NBC chimes NBC version available

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