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Company Profile

GrooveWorx is a leading music and sound design company providing unique and out-of-the-box sonic branding solutions to television stations around the world. Winners of several Promax & BDA Gold/Silver awards, their music defies the mainstream and gives clients a serious edge in their market. Packages currently air in New York, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

News Music Sampler

  1. Adrenaline - Hard hitting, aggressive, and dynamic, Adrenaline brings a rush of energy to your news product. Originally created for WBZ-TV.
  2. Big Sky - A soaring, memorable package featuring haunting orchestral themes, driving strings and strong percussion.
  3. The Executive - Traditional and classy news package featuring brass with piano accompaniment.
  4. FUEL - Explosive and edgy with a melody that just won't leave you.
  5. Global - Bold strings, strong percussion, and diverse arrangements, Global is a local package with a network sound.
  6. Hard News - Fast and furious, Hard News is not for the faint of heart!
  7. Seven7 - The epitome of confidence, total coverage, and commitment! Great for a market leader!
  8. Threshold - Push your brand to the limits with this outstanding news package featuring prominent guitar and unique electronic textures.
  9. Warm News - An uplifting blend of strings and horns, Warm News sets a positive, re-assuring tone to your news.

Contains ABC logo ABC version available
Contains CBS logo CBS version available
Contains Fox logo Fox version available
Contains NBC chimes NBC version available

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