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In numerology, the number 111 is creative, independent, optimistic, and inspiring - all terms that clients and partners have used to describe 11 0ne/Music founder, Randy Wachtler.

The essence of 11 One includes effective communication, customer service, joyfulness, and dynamism. When unhampered, 11 One takes on the role of real leadership and is apt to break new ground in its endeavors and accomplishments.

11 One numerology is central to Wachtler's core business philosophies of unparalleled customer service and creative ingenuity in news music and production music.

News Music Sampler

  1. Anti-Gravity (3 themes, up to 90 cuts) - Anchored by a main theme with an unforgettable melody, this is music your viewers won’t be able to stop singing. Filling out this three theme mini-package are synth, strings, and drum-driven pieces that cover the basics for a newscast or offer a starting point for building a larger custom package.
  2. Citadel (16 themes, up to 675 cuts) - DOMINATE YOUR COMPETITION WITH CITADEL! This hard-charging package achieves maximum impact straight out of the gate with a huge and forceful main theme. The hard-hitting logo continues to evolve with fresh and different contemporary sounds, including hints of U2, Coldplay, and Kings of Leon, with splashes of orchestral stylings and modern electronic textures to add variety. Of course, the epic guitar and brass-driven sports theme will bring listeners to their feet. Looking for power? Reach for Citadel!
  3. Euro News Beat (3 themes, up to 88 cuts) - News sounds from across the pond! This off-the-beaten path news collection eschews big brass statements in favor of modern club and electronic techno stylings and more restrained tempos. As a smaller three theme package, it can be used as is or expanded into a full custom package.
  4. Extreme Coverage (12 themes, up to 500 cuts) - The star of this package is arguably the catchy and singable "call and answer" logo. Whether you need a power orchestral piece, an edgy guitar feel, or anything in between, this package has you covered. It is Extreme Coverage!
  5. Immediate Report (13 themes, up to 490 cuts) - A wide range of moods makes this package the perfect toolkit for the creative director needing to cover a wide range of news programming. From uplifting piano and pop guitars inviting viewers to that first cup of coffee, to driving themes with powerful strings and percussion, serious and important themes worthy of election coverage, and bright pop lifestyle and testerone-driven sports feels, Immediate Report raises the bar for a comprehensive news music package.
  6. News Scene (23 themes, up to 860 cuts) - PERFECT FOR TODAY'S CONNECTED WORLD. A powerful and authoritative logo anchors this driving and energetic package. From the serious and important brass statements of the main theme, through the optimistic strings propelling the morning open, to the epic and aggressive sports themes and hard-hitting percussion and synth textures throughout the cuts, this diverse package delivers A SONIC PUNCH for a strong and compelling newscast.
  7. NextGen (3 themes, up to 95 cuts) - Offering up a relaxed morning theme with glistening synths and guitars, followed by two hard-hitting themes featuring strings and explosive percussion, this "mini-package" of three themes is an ideal foundation for building an entire custom news package.
  8. On The Scene (13 themes, up to 505 cuts) - With strong emotion and a myriad of contemporary influences, On the Scene is the perfect soundtrack to an energetic and inspiring newscast. As counterpoint to its Coldplay-influenced main theme, other themes turn to aggressive drums, stabbing string lines, and edgy synths to cover all the emotions required in a newscast. Capped off by a soaring election theme, this package will capture the heart of your listeners.
  9. Strike Force (14 themes, up to 466 cuts) - SMASH YOUR COMPETITION WITH THIS "WINNER TAKES ALL" NEWS COLLECTION! Forceful, strong themes headline this powerful package. At times bold and aggressive, and at times more restrained, the themes consistently display dynamic energy. Commanding hybrid orchestra, grinding guitar sports stylings, and splashes of trap and other contemporary stylings can all be found in this wide-ranging collection.
  10. Techstream (14 themes, up to 555 cuts) - AUDIO EARGASM FOR TODAY'S AUDIENCE. With soaring themes and rich, contemporary orchestration, the positive feel and more moderate tempos of the main and morning themes showcase the musical, uplifting mnemonic of Techstream. The package evolves into more aggressive and edgy styles, including a "nu metal goes synth" sports theme, and also includes hints of future bass and other pop feels throughout. All in all, a fresh and contemporary news music package.
  11. Terminal Velocity (16 themes, up to 683 cuts) - Bring your newscast up to speed with Terminal Velocity! The opening theme’s soaring logo is set in a lush and expansive orchestral setting. Newscasts needing more edge, guitar-driven themes that would fit the description "not your father’s news music" are on tap. Optimistic, hooky lighter themes and a PSA/lifestyle theme, destined to be a smash hit, round out this versatile package.
  12. True News (11 themes, up to 454 cuts) - True News features a soaring, positive, upbeat, and unforgettable logo. Opens range from an expansive Brit-rock feel, to a more aggressive strings and percussion-driven style, and on to bright modern synth pop. Serious themes with cutting-edge electronic and hard-hitting drum sounds round out the package. True News is exactly the sound…and title for your newscast!

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